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ICE MELT- 650x150

 Save your time and money using ice melts sytems.

Smart Choice Electric can install ice metling systems for use on your walkways, driveways, roofs and gutters. 

Ice Melting Systems for you Walkways and Driveways 
Ice melt systems are more cost effective then hired labor and salt costs to remove ice and snow. Additionally, you do not have to wait until the snow has stopped to begin the removal process. Having a ice melt system installed in your walkway will allow the snow to melts as it falls. This avoids icy build up and allows the snow and ice to drain immediatly upon falling.

Ice Melting Systems for Roofs and Gutters

Installing an ice melting electrical system for your roof and gutters can assist you in protecting the investment of your roof and building structure.

Ice dams are created as a result of snow and ice melting on top of your roof. We have all heard that heat rises. Therefore, your roof would be the warmest part of your roof. As the roof snow melts it runs to the end and into the gutter system (the coldest part of your roof). Once the water accumulates in the gutter system it is often restricted from flowing into the downspouts by other frozen ice. The now refrozen snow begins to form a wall or dam at the edge of the roof, usually at the gutters and downspout. Ice melt gutter systems can prevent the restrictions of water flow.

In addition to preserving the life an integrity of your roof by keeping moisture from collecting, installing a roof and gutter ice melt system will also remove any hazardous scenarios from occuring, as you will no longer see icicles collecting on the edges of your roof and gutters.

Of course anytime you mix water with electric, it is important that you trust this type of work to a licensed professional. Call Smart Choice Electric today. As  your local Westchester Licensed Electrician and electrical contractor we can discuss all the options available to you for ice melt electrical systems.

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