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Kitchen Electrical & Lighting

LIGHTING When planning your kitchen lighting there are three different types of light you need to have. General lighting, Task lighting, Accent lighting. Layering these three types of light will make a kitchen more beautiful and fctional by eliminating all dark corners and shadows on your counter tops.

Getting Switched Up You will want to have different switches and the ability to control the level of light. Dimmer switches give you the maximum amount of control over your kitchen lighting.

APPLIANCE POWER As you may be well aware of, older homes and their wiring were not set up for all of the modern conveniences that we enjoy these days. If you are remodeling your old kitchen or building a new one let Smart Choice Electric manage your kitchen circuitry. There are at least six circuits that might be needed in the kitchen. If you find yourself resetting Circuit Breakers when using appliances call Smart Choice Electric your New York and Westchester electrician and electrical contractor. Let us assist you with the design and layout of your kitchen lighting and appliance circuits.

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