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Switches, Outlets and Dimmers

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Do you need to add remove or replace a switch or outlet? Maybe you've done some remodeling or rearranged the furniture, and now you wish that light switch or outlet was in a different place. No problem! Smart Choice Electric can replace and move that switch or outlet to a new location quickly and easily.

Outlets (Receptacles)    

  • Duplex Receptacles (Standard)    
  • Decorator (Dacora) Receptacles 
  • GFI Receptacles
  • Isolated Ground
  • Twist Lock
  • Surge Protected Receptacles
  • Special Purpose
  • Spec Grade

Light Switches

  • Toggle Switch
  • Rocker (Dacora) Switch
  • Single Pole Switch
  • 3 Way Switch
  • 4 Way Switch
  • Double Pole Switch
  • Wall Timer Switch
  • Lighted Switches

Dimmer Switches    

  • Toggle Dimmers    
  • Slide Dimmers    
  • Touch Dimmers    
  • Fan Dimmers    
  • Speed Controls

Upgrade Your Switches & outlets and change the look of any home or office. Smart Choice Electric recommends using the decorator style devices for that special look. Let us assist you in replacing all your old and out dated switches, outlets and dimmers. While replacing these devices our electrician's will check all the existing connections inside each box to prevent any future problems associated with the continuity of the circuit.


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