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Having enough power is not just an inconvenience, it is a necessity.  If your homes current electrical system does not provide enough power it could present a hazard. Smart Choice Electric provides electrical rewiring services to satisfy your general needs or in relation to remodeling projects.  
Drops in voltage due to old or out of date electrical wiring can damage sensitive electronics such as computers, televisions and appliances. The average households’ electrical system used to be 60 amps. Today’s modern homes are designed and built to a high standard. As many of todays’ systems utilize a minimum of 100 amps and may need as much as a 200 amp system to support modern air conditioners, high definition televisions and other high tech appliances.

If your home is older than 40 years old than rewiring your older home or business should be considered a priority and not a luxury. If your homes wiring or service panel is out of date we can assist you in replacing your existing panel, pulling new wires and installing new conduit.

Performing such services will add value to your home and will provide piece of mind for its occupants.
If you do not have enough outlets, do not rely on power strips and surge protection extensions, as those may also present a fire hazard when overloaded. In some cases, we can upgrade single circuits and rewire your current receptacle to allow for additional outlets.

Upgrading electrical wiring is a serious task that should be trusted to a licensed Electrician. if you are seeking a local electrical rewiring contractor, then make the smart choice and contact Smart Choice Electric for a free estimate to perform electrical wiring for you.

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